Our  RCICs are experts in all areas relating to Canadian immigration. Our RCICs are committed to getting our clients to Canada in the shortest possible time through various Canadian Immigration streams, as well as helping our clients to find a home and employment in Canada.

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    Working with an RCIC can make all the difference in your immigration process.

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    Our Canada Immigration Consultants have a long list of accomplishments with many Canadian immigration cases.

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    We are always available and at your service! Helping people move to Canada is our life's work.

Our RCIC Team

Our Company has earned the respect of our peers through a dedication to quality service and countless hours working with Canadian immigrants. CanadaLovesYou prides itself on a staff that views helping others move to Canada as our life’s mission.

Electric Partners LTD works only with RCIC’s that are registered with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).

How can I check if CanadaLovesYou is working with an RCIC?

Visit  and fill the form. Click “search and  the RCIC’s credentials will appear on your screen.

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